How to become more resilient to all the major changes in the moment

We help you cope with the unexpected or threatening

  • Pandemics
  • Climate Change
  • Geopolitical Uncertainties

How to better understand yourself

We help you to define your ambitions, and how to navigate there

  • by yourself
  • with your stakeholders
  • to achieve excellence

How to find new markets and further resources

We help you to innovate and expand your reach and to

  • identify product opportunities,
  • access new markets,
  • allocate the required resources.

Companions for your Expedition into new Territories

The Rogue Monkey Alliance is a group of international, independent change facilitators and systems advisors. We believe that true transformation requires a vision and the involvement of all stakeholders in an ecosystem. It is like an expedition towards a sustainable future, not an easy and comfortable journey with a fixed timetable as many make you believe.

So maybe you could use some rogue monkeys as guides, or even bearers for your expedition. Our deep-listening methods to your stakeholders as well as our agile working methods and many other competences could facilitate your expedition, so that you and your team can focus on creating your place in the emerging future.

Reduce risk, enhance Enjoyment - Travel in a Group.

Wherever your expedition will take you, engaging anyone of The Rogue MonkeyAlliance, will offer you addition

al creativity, different perspectives, and the hands-on support from all of us. The Rogue Monkeys offer a broad spectrum of education, language, nationality, and competences. But we are united in the belief that successful transformation is based upon co-creation and the integration of stakeholder interests.