The People of the Alliance

Strategy & Technology

Germany Jan Hendrik is our specialist on technical consultancy, product-market-fit, international market research, cooperation and customer matchmaking, as well as trainer for sustainability. He has a strong background in the photonics and semiconductor industry, production and product management in these sectors.

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ISO expert

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Passionate about change and implementing improvements Graham has applied a wide range of improvement tools such as EFQM, Baldrige and ISO standards to help organisations rethink the way they operate. His aim is to ensure that organisations can survive and thrive in a sustainable way that benefits everyone they come into contact with. Recognising the potential in organisational culture to make a real difference to the way they work is a key strength that Graham has used to generate excellence for all type of public, private and third sector organisations.

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Technologist at Heart

Netherlands Being a technologist at heart, Henk believes that technical innovations will bring us to a truly sustainable future. Innovations that can be found by highly skilled people working together while listening to the needs and expectations of their environment. Therefore, Henk stresses the importance of analyzing input from customers and the general society, an area where his background in statistical Six Sigma approaches and problem solving can help. Henk likes to apply his 40-year experience in high-tech industry to support others on their way forward to a sustainable and profitable future.

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Baldrige at his heart

United States of America Paul Grizzell brings a passion for helping organizations focus, align, and accelerate their improvement efforts using the Baldrige Framework for Performance Excellence and the EFQM Model. Paul’s clients tend to be good to very good organizations who have hit a performance wall but know that they want to reach that next level of performance.

His core competencies include engaging senior leader teams in the performance excellence journey, developing strategies to improve leadership teams, and translating complex excellence criteria to understandable terms, whether in the boardroom or on the shop floor.

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Fact Based

Switzerland Gery loves management decisions that are based on hard facts. Because hard facts focus on the relevant things to understand the context und complexity. This increases the business impact of decision for strategic options, plans, projects or measures. Gery is our expert in statistical data analysis, surveys, evaluations, studies, planning and concepts.

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Nick likes to help organisations improve the performance of their business processes, assisting them through diagnostics, action planning and facilitating implementation – making transformation sustainable using approaches like the EFQM Model, Balanced Scorecard and application of ISO management standards.

Nick also works on developing competence standards and codes of conduct for the consultancy profession through his work as a director of the International Council of Management Consulting Institute and delivers training for Management Consultants in developing countries.

Circular Economy

Germany Susanne is our expert on corporate sustainability and circular economy. She is passionate about supporting organizations of any industry or size in their efforts to create durable impacts in the balance of business, ecological and social responsibility. With 25 years of consulting experience, Susanne takes a pragmatic view – starting small and building momentum. This is key to her approach, which aligns commitment to people and planet with purpose, values, culture, and processes to benefit all stakeholders.

Strategy & Quality

Belgium Ronny’s passion is to integrate quality into the strategy of organizations. He beliefs that quality is at the core of what makes any organization successful. That’s why, after a career of 35 years in quality management and business excellence in large international corporations, he wanted to make his expertise available to more organisations. To help them find their way to make customers happy with improved quality with sustainable products. Ronny is an experienced quality professional and has worked as quality executive in a wide range of high-tech industries from automotive to medical devices. Ronny loves to capitalize on the soft spot between people, culture, quality and sustainability.

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Value for Future

Italy Passion for organisations as “social artifacts” is the North Star of Corrado’s professional journey. It means understand organisations as socio-technical systems and support them to “create value for others” if they want to succed.  To do that organisations need continuous improvement and change management to drive fruitful transformation. Organisations matter… and they make the difference for future shaping when they positively impact on ecosystem and local communities.

Corrado’s way-of-working is open to “new ways of doing things’  and to new solutions, innovative and creative, within effective team working settings.

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Envisaging Future Forms

Germany Birgit or Bo, as clients and friends call her, is your companion when exploring future possibilities for your team and your organization. Self-employed since 1996, Bo has worked with many different organizations of all sizes and in various industries or countries. As a historian and systems thinker, she will help you envisage a bigger, or even completely different picture of how you will be more effective within your ecosystem. Impartial towards all people and with international experience Bo makes friends easily and builds trust with people. She has the tool kit and experience to support your team in experimenting with options to create a better world. With her artistic streak she will visualize your ideas in graphics, comics or lettering. And if you think of using games for workplace training, do not hesitate to contact her.

Believing in People

Turkey I am here to learn together with you, co-develop solutions not only for you but also for whom you work with and you create value for.  I recognised that organisations do not change when I want them change but they do change when they really feel the need to change. I also had great opportunities to work with diverse cultures, traditions, behaviours and values and learned that each organisation is a different world with a different identity. The more I share the more I feel happy. I am ready to share what I have learned from life. And I believe you can buy equipment, technology, learn the necessary know-how and gain many other things to progress towards your goal but what makes the difference is the people. I believe in people! Let’s co-create the future for a better world for humanity.

Passion for Excellence

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Tom has over 30 years’ experience working in and with organisations large and small on quality and improvement. To really excel he believes organisations need to combine drive and direction with a culture that promotes and engages their people in a passion for continual improvement, providing sustainable benefit for wider society as well as delivering for their main stakeholders.

Tom likes to work with people across all levels to fully understand their improvement goals and to help them make the sustainable changes that will work best for them. Like his Alliance colleagues he has expertise in many areas including strategic and operational excellence, improvement models, management systems and standards, and people development.

Always curious

Czechia I am always curious, probably in all meanings of this word. I have almost physical need to understand how and why things are done in a way they are done and how to do it in better way. I work together with my clients to learn and understand and to help them learn and understand what drives improvement. It can be at operational level, where I enjoy to work on shop floor improving processes based on lean manufacturing principles, or at more strategic level supporting management team during analytical as well as direction setting phases of strategy development. While my career started with hands on experience from corporations, including Big Four consulting company, I enjoy working with all types of clients from all sectors and countries.