What makes us different – our experience and competencies!

Proven practices shown to work over a broad range of organisations

  • Cross sector learning
  • World-wide impact (culture aware)
  • Learning from different type and size of organisations
    • From SME to multi-national
    • From Public/NGO to Private
    • From Production to Service

Why could we have a big impact on you?

We will work with you in the same way we work together ourselves.

  • Co-creating new approaches (we do this jointly with you)
  • Co-working on implementation (we support all the way)
  • 360° Solutions, based on a systemic approach: Strategy, People, Processes, Technology, Performance, Result

How we work

1+1 = 13

As a client you will sign a contract with one of us, but you will get the wealth of knowledge of the alliance. Of course, each of us, signed our Code of Conduct (LINK). However, the real strength of The Rogue Monkey Alliance lies in trusting one another after many years of collaboration under the umbrella of holistic thinking. Therefore, anyone of us is open to ask others for help, knowing that support is genuine and well founded. This long-lasting trust in each other creates comfort and reduces risk for the expedition anyone of us engages with their clients.

Whatever it takes

Feel the diversity of our projects, approaches and ways of working. Listening, talking, thinking, singing and dancing, reflecting, writing, painting or drawing, cutting, reading or carving - We are ready to use whatever method or tool kit that helps your team to understand, transform for and thrive in the emerging future.

This is the set of tools that we have developed over time

We are about new, fresh and bold ideas – rather than the stuffy, traditional, conservative, do-what-we-have-always-done-approach

Leadership Game

First used by Bo in a pen-and-paper version for a week-long leadership workshop at a remote place with bad internet connection, this is game is currently transformed to a virtual game. Stay tuned.

System Crib

For those who are new to systems thinking, Bo created a credit card size crib with the core elements and is happy to send you a ppt-file you can adjust to your language. Just mail me.